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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A beautiful time with Bhisma Chemjong dd producer of "Chesung"

Selfie with Bhisma Chemjong DD and Mukkum
I am very  thankful for meeting with Bhishma Chemjong sister, producer of Chesung Film and one of the inspiring women of our community.  It has been my great opportunity to see her after a long time, we had been apart for almost eight years. Discussing with her about past and present, about personal life and professional life, time spent so fast even I didn’t realize it was already 8.30pm and I had to say her good night. It was really fun to fly around  Nepal relating my past job, study and diving around our Limbu’s world  during our conversation. 

Fleeting in the castle of fantasy gives me an imaginary peace in mind, like I could have achieved salvation. That is what happened  while  talking all about the issues circling the life with her. In fact, we are born not only to be fed and to eat but also for the sake of our community to build some values , norms and  to do something good for people as well for our creator. In addition, our life is not only to live by ourselves but also to make someone to live their lives, we have borne not only to enjoy by ourselves but also to entertain others in this world. All of those are the lessons which  I learned by reading her life indirectly.

  We are born not to be fed  by ourselves but also for the sake of people and our creator. Our life is not only to enjoy by ourselves
but also to entertain to others in this world.

We all are the visitors of this world only for two days and we can’t take anything else when we left this beautiful place. We all know this fact but still don’t leave opening our showcase like we retain ourselves forever. People ! let’s put our effort together for a better world and compile our wisdom to make everyone's life easier until our last breath. Good night!