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Sunday, August 30, 2015

My motherland is crying

My motherland Nepal, where I was born and raised is crying today. It is a birthplace of God, Buddha  and  also a country of the Himalayas where the highest mountain of the world Mt. Everest is located. It is known as one of beautiful country in the world. This country is beautiful not only by nature but also by loving, caring, compassionate and kind hearted people of this nation. But, It has been crying for several years for various reasons. It underwent for Maoist insurgency for almost a decade  and thousands of people lost their lives. Again, it faced massive earthquake and landslides which ended thousands of lives and their loved ones. People are crying and crying but, we can’t do anything for this natural disaster except bearing an arm.  We had to cope with that situation only by  our eternal power, otherwise, we didn’t have any exception.
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Besides those problems, now this nation is crying for political salvation. It needs  peace, harmony, and sovereignty, but the politicians are fighting only for power not for the people, not for the nation, not for the peace but they want to control the laws in their hand. People had a new dream of political revolution, they were waiting for new Nepal with a new constitution, which would establish their right, freedom, equality and sovereignty. But, the hope went in vain when the major political parties purposed new constitution ignoring the right of indigenous and minority people. That's why it is again under fire.  Again eight security personnel and one innocent baby had to lose their lives in the protest raised by Tharu one of the indigenous people of Nepal.

The government is for the people, for the nation to establish the right of people not for the power. This nation needs peace, harmony, and sovereignty and it needs to get relief from this political destitution.

This country needs relief from this kind of political destitution, Government should be for the people not for leaders. If the major political parties insist on their proposal , the agitation will not end.  They have to learn the politic by the developed country and widening their vision. The flexibility of the major political party could bring the solution otherwise it seems that our country will cry for hundred of years again for the political dilemma.