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Friday, August 28, 2015

Never Stop Dreaming

The way to Fire Island NY a new dream land
People have different kind of dream depending on their  life style, their age, circumstances and many more. People who don’t have food, dream to have enough food to eat,  who don’t have clothes to cover their arms dream to have the new clothes, and if they don't have money dream to earn more money. Therefore, the dream of people varies on the basis of their needs and their intention, level of understanding,their economic condition,  level of educations etc. But, whatever situation we are, we never stop dreaming either big or small.  People might have a dream of job, dream of power, dream of money, dream of happiness, dream of family and so forth. No matter what kind of dream it is, we can’t live without dreaming every day. It is a way of life which directs us to move forward.  

Some can achieve their dream with less  endeavor but many people think that fulfilling the dream is decided by their destiny. The luckiest ones accomplishes  their dreams  easily but most of the other has to struggle a lot to have them in hand. For that reason, we can’t say dreaming is only a way to have our multiple goals. We have to work hard and should take strong determination to accomplish them. There is a saying, ‘No pain, no gain’ , means without hard work and enough dedication, nothing is possible in this world. Someone, who must be very fortunate in this world, whose dream is fulfilled with little effort but it's not easy for all.

Someone, who must be very fortunate in this world, whose dream is fulfilled with little effort but its not easy for all.

Even though many of our dreams destroy on the way, we should keep on dreaming again and again because failure is the other side of success.  We should have hope in our mind which is the only single word carries strongest power to keep us alive. If we lose our hope, nothing is going to be happening. In addition, hope generates  new dream and supports us to move to our destination. The other mentor of dreaming in life is forgiveness. If we forgive ourselves, the better way we will find. But, if we keep on sticking on our failures,  we will stay back forever.  Thus,  people! Never give up hope in your life and never stop dreaming in your life. If one of your dreams is broken, forget that, but start a new dream of your new life, set a new goal, set a new life, of course your dream will be waiting for you to be fulfilled with a fuller light of the moon.

Life is a course of problem, when one is resolved, another arrived right away. We can't be fulfilled until we are alive but dreaming is the way of our living. If we don't have dream, don't have tomorrow and won't expect future that is not the life of people. We have our past, present and future. Past is already gone, lets forget that, present is today lets make it happens because today is more important than tomorrow. If we live in the present, we have to be happy and make our present joyful because we are never sure for tomorrow or future. We have hope for everything is for betterment but still there are lots of uncertainties with tomorrow. If we think we will do tomorrow that is just a procrastinating, which keeps us back rather moving forward.

But we shouldn't  afraid with uncertainties as we are hopeful, we are optimistic with our future. Whatever we are doing today, we have an expectation of the good result in the future. We want to have better life tomorrow, we dream of having all of the sorts of things to be fulfilled tomorrow. Thats way, even it is full of insecurities, lets make dream that without expecting those things and lets hope to be positive and lets hope we will make everything possible by tomorrow. The end