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Sunday, October 30, 2022

The Third Convention of FIWNA elects Indira Chongbang as the president

Indira Chongbang

A new working committee of 19 members has been formed under the chairmanship of Indira Chongbang who is one of the founders of this organization from the third convention of Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America (FIWNA)

The other office bearers are Maina Bajracharya as Vice President, Indu Lamichhane as Secretary General, Nima Gole as Secretary, Barmaya Pun as Treasurer, Shubhadra Limbu as Co-Treasurer and there are 13 other members in the working committee.

FIWNA organized the third Convention and Deusibhailo ( Tihar Celebration) programs jointly on the same day. In the first session of the program which was the opening session, the representatives of various organizations of Nepalese community gave their greetings for the convention and assured their togetherness with FIWNA. Speaking on behalf of the chief guest, Maya Lama, the vice president of the Federation of Indigenous People of Nepal in America (FIPNA) said that she was very happy that the women had moved forward in this way and expressed her commitment to continue working together in the future. She added; “ We are so lucky for these changes looking back how our mothers were by that time”

FIWNA 3rd Convention and Deusi 2022

Similarly, speaking on behalf of the special guest in the program, Keshab Rai, Nepal Goodwill Tourism Ambassador for New York States highlighted the history of FIWNA since its beginning and appreciated the status of its height that is possible with the teamwork and togetherness. As a goodwill ambassador, he expressed his best interest to cooperate with FIWNA in the coming days and committed his support will continue in every step moving forward to its future.

On the same occasion, Luisang Waiba Tamang, Chairman of the Elmhurst Hospital Advisory Board, stressed that the organization should change the way it has been doing so far and should gain the organization’s new height strongly. Waiba also promised to provide all possible support for FIWNA and will ensure to provide available information he has. Likewise, Indra Tamang, President of the Board of Trustees of the Tamang Society of America, also expressed his commitment to support this organization, expressing his wishes for continuous progress and prosperity.

The program was represented  by Machche Gurung, the Vice President of   Nepalese Journalist Association in America (NEAJA),  , Shanti Jirel , the President of Jirel Society of America, Binita Tamang,  the president of Tamang Samaj of America,  Deepak Chaudhary, the Vice President of Tharu and Friends Society of America , etc.

In the program of the first session, the then President Sangini Ranamar said that the history and establishment of this organization has played a vital role in preserving the identity and existence of the indigenous people of Nepal in America and she expressed the possibility that the indigenous women in the world can move forward by showing solidarity together. Also, she expressed her gratitude to the individuals who have provided essential support and assistance to bring this organization to its current status and urged the new working committee to support and assist in the same way in the future.

Newly elected team of FIWNA

In the program, the secretary general of the organization Bandana Rai presented the progress report of FIWNA ( 2017-2022), while the treasurer of the organization Indu Lamichhane presented the financial report ( 2017-2022),  of the organization.

Indira Chongbang, the former vice president and newly elected president of the organization, expressed her sincere gratitude to all the supporting personalities and organizations. She expressed her commitment to use her whole body and mind to achieve the goal of this organization by correcting the shortcomings of the past. Chongbang is also a journalist and has worked in different community-based organizations while back in the motherland Nepal.

After the first phase of the program and election program, and grouping Deusi Bhaili program was completed. The Bhailo program, which started with Bhailin songs reflecting the originality of Nepal, ended with various dances and entertainment.