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Sunday, May 1, 2022

FIWNA meets with UN delegates

The Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America (FIWNA) has held a discussion program with the representatives of various organizations from Nepal and other countries at the 21st meeting of the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues (UNPFII
FIWNA with UN delegates

Speaking on the occasion, Yasokanti Bhattachan, Advisor of the National Indigenous Women’s Federation (NIWF) and indigenous women activist, complained that indigenous women are being discriminated against all over the world as they are indigenous, women and indigenous women. She insisted. "Indigenous women need economic, social and political justice, for which collective efforts are always effective. Facing every challenge in the struggle, one should be optimistic for a brighter future for tomorrow,” she said. She also suggested that women should never give up any challenge to make the struggle into a reality.

 Phoolman Chaudhary, vice-chairman of the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), a United Nations agency on indigenous issues, said he was "delighted" to have Nepali Indigenous women organized in such a busy place as the United States. " Please pay attention to the technical issues as well, I will always be able to help,” said Chaudhary.

 Indira Chongbang, Founder, and current Acting President of FIWNA provided information on the activities of the organization since its inception. "Indigenous women want to preserve their identity and existence in the United States as well, and FIWNA's main goal is to unite all Indigenous women who have immigrated from Nepal under one umbrella. As the rights of all women are indispensable for an egalitarian society. FIWNA is also trying to join hands with various international organizations to address the common issues,” she said. She also said that she would work hand in hand with various organizations to address the plight of immigrant women. 

 Speaking on the occasion, Chinimaya Majhi, President of the National Indigenous Women’s Federation (NIWF) also praised Fivana's activities and suggested that not only Nepali Indigenous women in the United States but also Indigenous women around the world should unite and move forward together. Majhi also provided information about the various programs being conducted by NIWF. 

 Former Guatemalan minister and indigenous women activist Olilia Dicoti also said that there are many similarities between the cultures of indigenous women in Nepal and Guatemala. She has been involved in women's rights for more than a decade and is also the first member of UNPFII. Dicoti, who considers equality to be the norm, described FIWNA’s honor ( Khada) as a spiritual gift. Discussions were held among  UNPFII Delegates; Rajesh Rai, Founder and Advocate of  LAHURNIP, Igdolia Rojas, representative of MADRE, Project Partner of NIWF, Ellen Dictaan representative of TEBTEBBA  from Philippines, Kamala Thapa Magar, representative of CIPRED Nepal, Ritu Thapa Magar, representative of INWOLAG, Nirmala Bhujel, representative of NIWF along with the FIWNA members.

 After a great meeting and discussion among all the participants, the program ended with a commitment to move forward together in the days to come