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Friday, April 1, 2022



It is okay for sadness to come 
It is okay to be anxious in your environment
Because you are women, and you must rise up
Each day, not a unicorn; however, each adversity serves a new lesson.

You are the creator of this world
The conqueror of this world; The warrior
For that reason, you must rise up
You may feel afflicted by your gender
You may feel intimidated by the treatment as a woman
Doing the chores alone at home

Never forget your values and your strength
Don’t forget your beauty
Inside Out: You are wonderful and bright
Without you, your children and families are lost
Without you, creation does not continue
Without you, every man is incomplete
That is why you are priceless, you are so sensible
You are the treasure of this world.

No matter the situation
stay consistent and never give up
If today rains, it will shine again
If today is terrible, your joy awaits to cherish you
If you are having a difficult time, the beautiful days are coming
have faith and believe in yourself.
Support the people who are in need and spread hope
The brighter day will come to embrace you.
You will be a multi-talented, fulfilled creature of this world.
Take pride in your femininity
Because the world needs you
You are a victor
Who turns difficulties into opportunities with wisdom and intelligence
take the challenges and face what comes
don’t give up, don’t quit

Dedicated to all the women of this world.

Written by Indira Chongbang

Edited by Prof. Lauren Yanks