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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Stronger you are today, better you will be tomorrow

"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement." -- Golda Meir

To be strong does not only mean we have to be the wrestler but, most importantly we must be strong enough mentally and emotionally. People are getting depressed and taking their lives by themselves; it is all because of the lack of mental strength and lack of self-confidence to face the challenges that come on the way.   Mental wellness is as essential as physical health. If we can’t maintain our
emotional wellbeing, we start getting sick and feeling anxious even in the absence of physical sickness or without any bodily injury. None of the materialistic phenomena can help to cure the people who are emotionally sick but, the support, love care, and understanding the spiritual knowledge help us to stay strong and to be better for tomorrow. Getting better means enjoying life with the fullest joy until we live without any regret and guilt.

The mental strength is an inner power that provides an ability to cope with hardship, problems, difficulties, or anything that makes us feel uncomfortable.  A person having a strong mental strength can convert any kind of adversities into opportunities and find the solution to any problems. They believe in themselves and have an attitude of winning the world. Every pro has its cons and everything has two sides; negative and positive. If the existing door closes, the new door always opens to enter.  If we become mentally strong, we can deal with any kind of suffering, and always see the better things are coming on our way regardless of the circumstances that we are facing now. On the contrary, people with anxiety, and negative thoughts see adversities even in the opportunity and keep on isolated forgetting the value of friends and people around.

The people with negative attitudes become sick taking everything as stress, they feel themselves poor, helpless, alone, and distracted all the time. They don’t have gratitude and respect for being a human, but they keep on thinking about the suffering and adversity is much more important than anything. It is a kind of disease and very important in every step to improve obtaining hope, excitement, peace of mind through meditation, yoga, or socialization. People with a positive attitude can see this world beautiful, who can fight with any challenges they face and are truly rich people in this world regardless of what the physical possession they have. But, with the lack of self-steam and emotional wellness people forget the value of being a human being and their duty coming into this world. They see only the darkest parts of their lives but don’t understand how brighter it could be taking a little step to live and determining to face the difficulties they might have.

On the contrary, the mentally strong people believe that they are always surrounded by their loved ones, the beautiful days are on its ways, they have insurmountable joy, and everything is working out in their lives. They don't fear about the past and future, neither they have the implausible doubts on what they are doing on. They always anticipate for their dreams are coming to be true with happiness and everlasting joy. They are satisfied and thankful for the life they have and for the accomplishments they have made. They don’t only enjoy themselves but, also want to make this world a better and safer place for everyone.

Staying strong is the way to be better for tomorrow. A strong mind always has the wider vision, mission and the attitude of doing something different. It always tends to make something different, wants to create something new, and always fills its heart with love, compassion, and empathy towards all the living beings of this world. Socialization, meditation, physical exercise, and learning new things every day help us to stay emotionally strong. Also, having faith that nothing is permanent in this life, the setback, the difficulty, and the challenges that we need to face all are temporary which will go away after a while. Happiness, comfort, pleasure, pride, and abundance are coming to embrace our life very soon. The end
By Indira Chongbang