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Sunday, June 21, 2020

A true friend

“A true friend is someone with whom you can be yourself, you don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not.”

You are my real true friend who listens to me in my bad time or a good time. You enjoy my happiness and become sad along with me when the thing doesn’t work as I wish. When I am alone, you are always there with me. You never want to soar in the sky leaving me behind instead you care me a lot with much of love and support and want to take everywhere wherever you go. I deal with so many
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things, but you are the one who is so selfless and keep on staying inside me. You always advise me what needs to be done, you care for me and teach me about humanity and kindness. You always want me to be bravest, strongest, and the greatest person in this world with a big heart, compassion, and forgiving.

As you do, I am also your truest friend ever. I can’t go away leaving you behind. You know, everyone comes in this world alone and leaves this earth one day alone. That is why it is a saying that people have a companion only temporarily. But I believe even after my death you will go with me together.  Most probably, that time our two hearts mingle and come to be only one and we don’t have to talk to each other as one understands the other by itself. I have many friends in this life. They are so amazing, stunning, supporting, loving, and caring but, you are the most amazed one who can’t be away. Sometimes, I get a disagreement with my friends and it is not an exception that I also disagree with you sometime. The difference is that when I hurt my friends by accident they upset with me, they think that I am very selfish and many of them turn their heads away when they feel I am not kind to them. But you are the only one regardless of my different opinion you always stay calm at me, try to convince me and always give me power.

I have heard from many people. It is extremely hard to find a true friend in life. I realized that many of them have not recognized who could be a true friend in life. They keep on searching one after another and keep on testing their behaviors in many ways. Everyone grows in different environments and comes from a diverse social background. It is difficult to keep their differences aside and put the similarities together because we always have an attitude that I am the best or I am better than others. This kind of mentality always keeps people apart from coming together on any issues. Everyone has a vision, mission, and goal in individual life. While achieving those goals, we always need a company, togetherness, and harmony of each other. People who can come collected can always be stronger to pursue their dream mutually because the collective efforts always meet better strengths.

Sorry, I am sitting down to praise my truest friend here today. I still have the due respect and must write to them all my best friends. I am devoting me a little time today to express my gratitude to show how thankful I am with you, for your support, for your inspiration, for your company that you are giving me every minute, every second, and on every breath. You are truest in this sense you never leave your company to me regardless of a bad time or a good time. As a human being, I don’t expect always the prosperity and joy but, I have to deal with many things at the same time.  But I am very proud of myself for getting you here in this life. You are so strong, bold enough who never let me down. Who always gives me energy, new ideas to cope with the situation, and who always advises me many ways that I can go with it to refresh myself to energize myself. It is true because of you I am here at this time. I am very much grateful for what I have in my life, and I am thankful to you especially for guiding me, caring for me, and loving me here.

Thank you again, my soul, you are the truest friend ever. I am not avoiding my friends in this life. I am grateful for all my friends’ love, care, support, and favor that I have in this beautiful life but, today as I said earlier paying the gratitude only my true friend which is my own soul. Hi Everyone! You guys also may feel alone sometime, please never sense it, never think you are alone if you are physically there without your friends or your loved ones because just remember that the truest one and nearest one is there sitting inside you, loving you, caring you and guiding you all the time either in the good time or bad time and it is no other than your own soul.  Be happy, stay strong, and bravest forever. Be grateful for what you have and keep talking with your own soulmate for anything you want. Be happy!
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