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Friday, June 12, 2020

Pursuing an eternal happiness

Pure happiness is found through the continuous efforts which can be grown with love, compassion, and emotional wellbeing. It is associated with the mindfulness, wisdom, and thoughts that we can develop throughout our lives rather than having the physical ingredients. When we understand the true meaning of life and become thankful for whatever we possess, then we begin to pursue eternal happiness. Many people believe that happiness is achieved through accomplishing the dream but contrary to this belief we can easily earn the sense of happiness forming our mind on the path to empathy, forgiveness, and identifying the cause of suffering.

It is our own choice to be happy or sad. If we choose to be happy nothing stops our way, the outer circumstances, the situations either good or bad does not really matter us. We can take every difficulty easily and can live our life happily forever. Many people believe that happiness comes with money or other material substances that we want to have in our lives, but in fact, those cannot be the cause of true happiness. When we do not understand the exact meaning of happiness and way to pursue it, we always strangle on our way in search of it. We always expect a favorable situation that makes us comfortable and gives us easy living because we don’t want to face hardship and suffering that may come in our way and become disappointed and sad if we have to deal with them.

But, the fact is, all of the outer circumstances are beyond our control. We can't change the situations that we have to face, we can't make our economic hardship better right away as everything needs to go for certain procedures. We can’t change the peoples’ behavior in favor of us as all of those are also not under our control. Despite having our tough time, bad relationships and economic hardship if we self-control our mind with the gratitude, respect and the hope for betterment, the happiness start to plant the seeds in our mind and it gives the power of glory to foster our inner strength which can win the world one day.

Many things suffer us at different times. Some are external factors, and some are internal forces. To avoid those distractions from our minds, we must develop the peace of mind, regardless of what we have or do not have. No matter how bad we feel due to the circumstances, we must keep the faith that something better is coming on its way. Life with victory, abundance and glory is coming to shine one day. The world is beautiful, sooner or later one day, and everyone will have that triumph to sparkle.

 People suffer from the hunger of money, and the desire to have the name, power, and enormity in society. The money, power, and all the materialistic substances are the enemy of happiness because those things cannot bring permanent happiness to the human being. Even that could be the means of happiness it will remain only for temporary and will go away one day very soon.  Eternal happiness is a pursuit through peace, harmony, and forgiveness. Regardless of the physical possession, if you have peace in mind, you will stay happy forever. On the contrary, living life in the palace having an insurmountable amount of physical substances, people cannot be happy in the absence of wisdom and peace of mind. No matter what kind of outer circumstances we have, we can cope with it if we have wisdom. That is why inner peace is the source of mental strength is the ultimate cause of pursing eternal happiness. Nothing can be compared with those power because it has the highest level of energy which sees the world beautiful. No one is perfect but you can see everyone is wonderful in this world in their own life, in their own ways. The end.

By Indira Chongbang