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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The significant roles of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an ability of how we perceive, think, understand, and manage our emotions with everything that we encounter in a constructive way. How effectively, we communicate with the people, how we resolve the conflict, and deal with the challenges that come in our life all depend upon how we are emotionally intelligent.

It is not acquired by birth, rather it could be learned and achieved throughout the different phases of life. Everyone is different in nature likewise it is also reliant on the people’s awareness and brainpower how someone might tackle the situation.  We keep on learning a new thing every day but,
it doesn’t mean we have enough intelligence. Some learn and apply in life, but many people learn but forget to apply upon the situation. Everyone is born and raised in different social and cultural environments which also play a crucial role to determine how everyone understands the outer spare.

Learning emotional intelligence is essential in various aspects of life. We can be cool sometimes to understand the situation, we can find out a new way to deal with a problem that we need to deal with.  We want to be motivated, inspired by the thoughts of positive aspirations, and must be strong enough mentally and physically to face any challenges that might come on our way. People are getting frustrated, anxious, depressed, and once they can’t handle themselves one day end their beautiful life from this world. In order to minimize such a problem in human beings, we have to learn and become a masterpiece of what is emotional intelligence and why it is essential for everyone. Along with that,  being a human and the responsible individual of the society and the world, we should understand the needs, values, and concerns of the other people as well and we should take the responsibility to make this world a better and safer place for everyone.

Furthermore, we have to try to control our feelings and follow the commitments in life to live meaningfully regardless of the circumstances we have. Either it is in individual or professional life, emotional intelligence is helpful to build a healthy relationship with people, to be encouraged to be determined as it supports us in many ways.  Once we are aware of it, we become more conscious about our life, we love our life and love this world. We can collect the strength to fight with any complexities and can excel our strengths to be something special in this domain.

In addition, maintaining a healthy emotion and applying this intelligence reduces the stress that might occur in different situations. It also keeps our brain active and nourishes our overall physical and mental strength.  The risk is rising nowadays due to a lack of sense. As the world has been devasted because of the pandemic COVID-19, we have to stay at home to save our life. In the meantime,  staying inside has brought many mental sicknesses to the people. So many have committed suicide and not sure when this suffering will last. Let’s keep the faith in us and believe that this circumstance is only temporary, it will go away soon. Our life is so precious that we are born only one time and this is a life to enjoy and cherish the joy piling up beautiful memory during this short period of time. We are having a better life, the sun will be shining, the moon will be smiling, and stars will be twinkling bringing a everlasting happiness and smile soon.