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Monday, April 20, 2020

To be a mom

To be a mom is the greatest joy
It is an immense pleasure to have the child on lap
It is also an insurmountable blessing and favor of god
And the happiest moment to cherish a life
To be a Mom 04.20.2020
To be a mom is also a sacrifice 
Sacrifice of many dreams
The sacrifice of sleep and personal freedom 
And, the toughest part to deal with the world
It is also the most challenging phase of life
And the most difficult time when the children are too young 

To be a mom is also learning to play a multiple role
Getting ready  to provide their need
Need to be a cook, cleaner, nurse, teacher, doctor, and many more
Deal with their situation as what it comes

To be a mom is the greatest joy
An opportunity to learn the life
A learning to comprise your need
And recognizing what the real women are
And perceiving the worth what women give to this world

By Indira Chongbang