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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Together you are, stronger you will be

Together we are stronger will be, that is why it is important to have family, friends and loved ones. Though it is very hard to maintain the relationship with the people with a different idea, belief, and perception. It is difficult to make the long-lasting relationship because each individual is different in
this world. Only the compromising, understanding and broadening the mind may save the relationship to keep alive for a lasting phase of life. We have to respect our feeling and think good of oneself, but it shouldn't in the level of arrogance and believe that I am the superior to whatever other around me. If you believe you are only the hero and supreme creator, it will be very hard to sustain a relationship.

Working out to maintain the relationship is not easy in the modern ages. As per the American data; it shows that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and separation. A couple starts their life with the love, compassion, and commitment to walk together but everything doesn't go in the same ways as what they dream because of their level of understanding, the level of education and their family background where they have grown up matter a lot in their relationship. It is difficult to change the people, but it is true, we need to change ourselves first. It is only me who can bring the peace of mind, compromising and believing oneself despite the adversities and unfavorable time the day is on its way to shine. I can't force my spouse to work at what I desire and it is not easy to change the people's perception and attitude.

Even a little thing makes a big difference in the relationship and might drive towards the separation. It is not only the solution of the problem because life is not that easy alone compared to having someone who loves and care in tough times and share the responsibility of taking care of the kids. The separation of their parents is the mental torture for their children as they need love and support from both of their parents. The lack of love and compassion from one of them might destroy their creativity and power of thinking as they keep up questioning by themselves why I have only one parent as all my other friends have too. I don't mean the kids of the single parent are unsuccessful in this world as the 44th president of the United State Baral Obama was raised by her single mother, but everyone is not bound to be developed in their mind in the same way as he was.

Many couples separate with a quick decision, but they might regret in the future, but they already must have reached to the far distance from where they can't return back to the origin. Life is not that long and as long as we live in this world let's make our prayers and thoughts to everyone none of the bonds may destroy, none of the loved ones may separate and none of the kids may have the shortage of love from their parents. If your partner doesn't change, you are the in charge of your own mind, you cultivate the purity of love inside. Forgive the mistakes what your spouse made, bring the peace in your mind-broadening your understanding toward the infinite level. Every human being has a heart, if you forgive and change yourself, definitely sooner or later the day may come with the glory, love, compassion, and happiness and you will bound to be in the happy family forever!