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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Celebrate yourself

It is easy to get frustrated, discouraged, depressed and lose the enthusiasm, but it is hard to be motivated, enthusiastic and encouraged. We always seek the support for the people to get out of the tough time, but it is not favorable all the times as each individual is bound to be busy resolving their
own problems and might be preoccupied with their own priorities of life. That is why it is very important to celebrate your victory by yourself, be motivated with your own effort and keep on working to improve by yourself despite having setbacks and difficulties and adversities. Try to encourage yourself because it should come from inside as the loved ones can only support us for boosting but can't encourage as what we do by ourselves.

When I feel sad for some reason I wish someone could be there by my side to listen to my pain and pressure, but I realized that everyone is busy with their own schedule. Sometimes, they have had a time, but couldn't have the mood to listen to the other's pain and pressure. If I hope it could be my spouse, he could be occupied with his own problems. If I wish that could be any one of my friends but they might be unavailable due to their own work schedule. So I ended up thinking of myself and concluded that I should be ready to celebrate my own victory and face the challenges and adversities by myself. We should prepare ourselves to face the problems that might come on our way by oneself and also should try to improve and motivate from inside out because happiness and joy contained in the heart not given from someone as a present.

It is very true; life is better with the loved ones, having compassion and empathy which always strengthen our energy giving the stimulation of living, but it is hard to have them whenever we wish to be on our side. It is not only me and not only you everyone in this world is in the same boat even though the level, but the frequency and types may also vary depending on each individual's situation. I have to motivate myself, I should be enthusiastic and work hard to be healthy, strong enough to face the challenges whatever may come on my way. There is no doubt, we are surrounded by many people in this world who love us, care us and wish our success, but only those factors are not enough to heal our sorrow, adversities, and problems.

I read many books, watch my favorite movies and TeDex speech in order to improve by myself, in order to get motivated and encouraged in life. Life is not easy and not that hard if we learn to have the skills but still, it sometimes throws in the misery and gives a hard time distracting our concentrations. Sometimes, it seems quite difficult to compromise with the people who never try to understand the other feeling and doesn't respect others opinions. It is kind of opportunity to work with such a situation as it teaches us various techniques to cope with it, but the level of tolerances doesn't always stay the same. It also climbs in the big hill and get in the high distance up in the skyline and wants flies alone forever. But, again we have to come back to the reality, as my life is made not only for me, not only for my own happiness but also for my loved ones, my family and many people around the world. It is beautiful because of them, it is glorious in their presence, and it is my own responsibility to handle the challenges and make it prettier and better each day!