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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The purity of happiness

The pure happiness is obtained through the eternal power which is connected with the love, compassion, and emotional well being. It is connected with the mindfulness and thoughts that we develop throughout our lives rather than the external entities. People with the fullness of joy and pure
happiness understand the true meaning of life and deserve the life to live meaningfully. Most of us believe that happiness is achieved through accomplishing the dream and reaching to the top point of life, but contrary to this belief we can feel the purity of happiness developing our mind towards the compassion, forgiveness and identifying the cause of suffering.

We suffer due to various reasons when we detect them, it will be easier for us to overcome that suffering. Most of them enter into us from the external circumstances for instance that may due to the behavior of people that we don't like and due to the shortage of the physical objects that we crave to have with us. In order to avoid those kinds of stuff from our mind, we have to develop the peace of mind, regardless of what we have or don't have. No matter how people will behave today or what are the items running away that we want to keep with us, we are going away with empty hand alone, leaving this world sooner or later one day and that is for sure. If we convince us ourselves with that true our suffering might be lesser or go away one day disappearing in the skyline.

The techniques of identifying our sadness and suffering guide us to have the purity of happiness if we desire. People suffer from the hunger of money, having the desire to have the name, power, and greatness in the society, but when they achieve them, but don't their appetite still don't go away in order to have more and more. People care about the other negative parts how bad they are for them but they forget their values and their positive side which could be much precious than what they believe. They forget other support, their qualities, and compassion, but always identify their drawbacks and flaws and suffer from what others do. If we forget their negative attitudes and dictate their positive parts we know how important they are for their family and to the whole humanity, it helps us to be filled with the purest happiness that we ever realized yet.

The rich people always live the life with the fear, doubt and suffering in order to save their property, with the doubt it might get taken away or the investment would get down due to the market recession, but I don't mean we have to stay poor without any physical wealth but if we avoid the greediness of having the physical possessions to be the richest ones we can enlighten ourselves with the blossoms of happiness and fill the life with the fullest meaning and values to be the ones that what we want to be. The external things are always temporary if we think that makes us happy and if we want to be loved by someone to stay happy that is also temporary because no one stays in our lives permanently. In order to have the purest happiness, we have to the one owner that is yourself, enjoy yourself, don't seek the happiness outside but it always relates within yourself. Don't try to be the rich person like Jack Ma, don't try to be someone like Steve jobs, Barak Obama or like the person who has been successful, but tries to be yourself only then you will be able to seed the light of purest happiness in your own garden of mind and thoughts.