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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The little step to move on

Multiple factors play a role to hold us back. We fear the failure because of the motives how people in our society may treat us or how they talk us back. The fear and doubt which is connected with the peoples and society always dreadfully pull us back to stay in the comfort zone. We want to be always in the safest area where people might validate our way of what we are doing is correct. This is one of the common thought and the factors which strongly stop on our way before starting a new endeavor.

My life is only mine and I set the happiness for the sake of my own life. No matter what the people tell me or how they judge me, I don't care about them. Despite having the bad comments I never feel bad because no-one can understand my values and norm. People always judge others apparently, but they don't know the truth, what their inside. The purity and fairness always stay within oneself regardless of how ugly someone looks outside. Never let the people judgment make you sad and cry rather take them the lesson you learn how they treat their own life. People don't see their own weakness rather they are really fast to judge others and identify their weaknesses.

Our life is not ending with single failures or even the multiple failures, but we need to have patience. God always observes our tolerance capacity and plans to surprise one day to blossom in our life. We all have the superpotential capabilities, unlimited enthusiasm and full of grace, but we always run away from our own beauty chasing behind the other. We forgot the beautiful flower of our own garden, but always keep our eyes in another yard and become the victim of fear with unexpected speculation. We have infinite power to bring all our dream come to be true, but it is hidden due to our blind spot. Whenever we realize the truth, we will enjoy the life with the fullest joy and happiness.

One of the miseries of our life is we always see the people in the higher position and the people who have a better life than what we have. We give up our hope to be happy and better one day while comparing our life and cursing the fate of what we have been given. But we forgot to evaluate our own achievement that we have made so far. We forgot our existence and value in our family and society. We forgot to remember even the happiest and successful people had started their lives from the less pleasant tasks than what we have done so far.

Let's forget all the factors what others have or don't have, what others do or don't but value yourself, love yourself, respect your own opinion. Convince your mind and thought of giving the broad space within yourself. I am beautiful, loving, caring, honest, gentle, kind and one of the bravest creatures in this world. Sooner or later I can make my dream come to be true no matter how hard it is is, no matter how long it takes, no matter what holds me back. I will cross all the boundaries of hardship and sail in the wider space of my dream where I want to dive deep inside to find the true meaning of my own life and my existence. Let's follow this mantra and let's live the life happily forever.