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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Wake up for the hope

One of the most selfish words in the world is "l" Because when you want to be loved, you don't get it. When you want to be respected, you won't get that one either. But when you want to give a love to another and respect to others no one stop you from loving to others and caring for others. Moreover,
the word I is used to describe " I am the most unlucky person in the world", I am the poorest person in the world in which people make themselves poor.

When we always think about me the sentence can suffer for the people, but when we convert to others like we then it can describe the different meaning of life. When our dreams come to be shattered when we frustrated and believe with the worrier, sadness and lose the hope for tomorrow. The dream we have grown in the garden will be alive only with the hope that we dare to keep alive and continue in the faith in. We can't figure out why that happened because many things in this world are beyond our control that we can't change by itself. It might be because the situation could be out of the season or the god might be checking the patients how we are working with a hard time.

Every individual will be perfect only after having many situations. You could be easily discouraged, frustrated, and see everywhere the darker space, but the things will change with the seasons and you will be filled with the inspiration, hope, courage, the time to conceive the new fruits and time to give up the chronic pain to have the new life in this world. Your time will come sooner or later, your pain will be healed, your favor will arrive and you can restart your new dream.

If we keep on talking about the expectancy, about the hope and about the dream we will forget about our problems, disappointment, discouragement and see the beauty of the life. Everyone may have the setbacks in your life, but your hope will restore your new beginnings, give you new strength and you will believe that you will be in the right place, you are at the right time and have the right frame of mind. The faith of your hope plant the seed of happiness, it will shake off the negative thoughts, your worries, disappointments, and sadness. You could go on your own surroundings with the right persons. You will be promoted, you will be rewarded with the dream you had in your mind, the happiness you had desired and the pleasure you had explored.