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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I am more than grateful ever

My little boy and I were getting ready to the park on weekends. Due to the seasonal changes, I was trying my different clothes, checking which could be the best fit. My Mukkum was watching close by
me and said; " You are beautiful Mommy". I couldn't even laugh with the joy and greatness as I surprised how that little mind could have thought that word yet as he is only three years and a half now. His daddy was not that far, he wanted to know how he was. The answer was simple" You are a boy, I am the boy, only Mommy is a girl in our home. So my Mom is beautiful". I felt more grateful than ever being a mother of such an amazing little boy.

The weather was getting better, I chose the summer clothes and a light sweater. I put on him the cotton pant and long sleeve top as I had a little doubt whether it was still cold. I also decided to put on him the light green jacket to make sure he would be protected even it was cold. When we got outside, the weather was unexpected as it was predicted. The cloudy weather without sun and little chilly wind; I wished to return back, but I had already promised two friends who were also bringing their kids to the same park. Regardless of the cold Mukkum was very excited and happy. He went running with the little white and black football and went climbing over to slide in the playground.

We, three mothers, sat on the chair and started to share things about the motherhood and how the days were going on. My Mukkum came back from the playground and sat close to me. I said; " It's a little cold, I didn't bring my jacket.". He took off his jacket and gave it to me. " Are you sure, you don't want it", I asked him. He nodded his head. I also found, he had sweat I guessed it was because he was running. I kept his jacket on my head and covered  my two ears. " Are you feeling better Mommy?"; I said "yes". He again ran away to play. My friends who were listening to us also laughed and amazed at my little boy demeanor.

Once I was taking a nap on weekends during the daytime, he came close to me and tried to talk. I just asked him to go away and explained I was taking a rest for a while. He curiously asked me; " Mommy are you feeling okay?". I replied to him 'no'. "Do you have a pain in your stomach?", he added his questions again.  I wanted to make our conversation short, so he would go away. I said; " Yes, Mukkum". " Don't worry mommy, Daddy and I will take you to the hospital and doctor will make you feel better okay?". I was thrilled with his response and became speechless. He went to the sitting room where his Daddy was watching the TV. I was listening from the bedroom. "Daddy! Why are you watching the TV? Don't you know Mommy is sick? Why don't we take her to the doctor? "

I was so surprised how my little boy was treating me like a big man. His daddy came to my bed and asked whether the situation was serious and needed me to take to the hospital. I assured both of them it would be okay without the doctor and I just wanted to have short nap only then my Mukkum went to play with his Dad. I am so proud and happy for watching his every milestone and moreover, his way of acting like a big boy amazes me as it comes beyond my expectations. Sometimes, I want to sleep early intentionally to put him bed soon. Yesterday night after his dinner and bath, I hardly finished reading one book, then asked him to go to sleep pretending I went to fall asleep. When I woke up once he was turning the pages by himself, again I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes next time, he had made a wall against the pillows with his books and went to sleep.

It was around 5 am in the morning, he cried, saying something in his dream. I thought he woke up and said; "Is there something wrong with you Mukkum ?" In his response he said; Mommy! Can you please be quiet?" Then he went to sleep again. I couldn't go back to sleep as I had already had enough and decided to portray this memory and keep as a diary which I will show him when he will be grown enough to understand my feeling. The end