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Saturday, May 5, 2018

I am always the same

No matter how the people treat me or perceive me, everyone is equal for me. They might change their perception, opinions, and beliefs upon me, but I never change for them. All my relatives, my friends, and my family are my loved ones and are an incredible source of my inspiration, happiness, and

success. What they think or what they talk in my back are always worthless because I don't care them. My eyes always see the beautiful, loving, caring, supportive and honest people around my world.

Life without family, friends, and relatives can't be imagined. At least I can't live without them. I adore their love, affection, empathy and the support which makes me strong to stand in this world. They might point my weakness and flaws, but those are my opportunities to learn from my mistakes and to improve for the future. They might think I am not perfect, in fact, I am not so that doesn't hurt me if they talk in the back. Every individual is different and I am the one who couldn't be what they expect and what they think I should be. I am always myself, but it doesn't mean I am stubborn and not willing to change. I feel proud for detecting my weakness and the mistakes that I make because I always look forward not in the backyard.

I plant the seeds of hope in the garden of my mind. I water every day to grow the beautiful things for everyone. I forgive the people's setbacks and their weakness simply without any guilt and regret. I know everything is temporary in this world. Even the hardest time doesn't stay forever in life. If someone tries to give me hard time intentionally I am bound to bear that without objection. Many people don't understand the outcomes what comes to the next if someone gives a hard time, blame without the mistakes or for the human error. Life is not that short, we don't have to make them anything but the bad intentions people will be punished sooner or later one day.

It doesn't matter to me how peoples' eyes are set upon me, but I keep my eyes always straight with the love, compassion, and support. I can put aside the differences with my friends, colleagues, and relatives and work in the common environment where we have to be. People may try to disobey the rule and try to overpass for the competition, but I know the truth and real hard work will be always on the first pace of the race and will be rewarded one day. The conspiracy, the unfair treatment never last in the world, even though it can celebrate the short-term victory, it doesn't last ever.

Our hope can shatter, our dream can break and many unexpected things might come in the journey which panics us and destroy our endeavor. All of those are the part of life, we have to keep the hope alive and lit the lights of aspiration, success and the happiness. Everything comes later or sooner one day, we need to have the determination, continuation, and patient. Life is full of blessing as the god has a plan for every individual's life which is beyond our control and thought.