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Monday, April 30, 2018

The forgiveness

Once there was a very hard working, honest and sincere man in a town whose name was Mose. Because of his sincerity and good moral he had been well known by his name in the society. He was
still single and looking for someone to marry. During his life span he met a beautiful girl named Maria, she looked very nice and tuning.

He thought she was the perfect partner for his life, but came to know the past life that she was involved in the prostitution. If he got married to her he knew what questions would be raised by the people. But he fell in love with her. He disregarded the other thoughts and concerns but focused on his mind and heart what they were telling him. He decided to marry her forgiving her past that wouldn't matter in his present life.

They got married and lived the life happily. They got a blessing with a beautiful son after a year of their marriage. They became very happy and thanks for the grace and mercy of the God. The Maria betrayed the Mose as she had affairs with two different guys secretly. Mose came to know the truth when she gave birth the two different children which did not belong to him. He was shattered and his heart broken down into the pieces. But he was only the one who could put the ointment of his own courage to the wounded heart and soul. His love for Maria never changed despite her behavior, but he continued to give her support and love whatever level he could.

One day, it was early in the morning when Mose opened his eyes. He found his bed empty in the absence of Maria. There was a letter kept in the pillow. He read that which she had mentioned," I found another man in the world whom I found perfect than you. I am going away from your life forever". He shattered the second time. His heart ached, the world almost swung on his head around. He controlled his pain, that pressure and continued his life of living. After many years he heard that the guy who took the Maria, beat her, didn't provide enough food to eat and then had kept her for sale as a slave. He searched to find the place where she was and who was the guy who was selling her.

Eventually, he made to be there at that place. He couldn't look at her who was wounded severely by his beating, she had worn the clothes almost like rags with a hole everywhere. His heart melted and went to close to hug her. The grumpy guy stared at him and said, " Hey this is my property why are you touching her? If you want her to buy give me this much of money?. " He showed the price tag which was hanged near to her. The Mose took out of his wallet and gave him the money as much as he had asked and made her beloved wife who was already his back to his life.

The Mose is the symbol of the God. We human being make several mistakes by knowingly or unknowingly, but the truth always remains with the forgiveness of what we made in the past. Only the people who forgive for the others weakness, flaws and setbacks deserve to be the real humanity of man. Let's forgive the mistakes what our loved ones made and live the life with the kindness and joy to be blessed by the God of the humanity.