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Sunday, April 8, 2018

The magnetic power of the mind

You must have heard that money attracts the money. The attraction is the magnetic power. I am not talking about the money, but how our mind influences the attraction of the fact that comes in our life. The most important part of the human body is mind. Whatever it says we focus on that before taking
an action. One of the research of mind has invented a very exciting discovery about the magnet of mind which help us to build the affirmative action and beneficial to all of us.

When your mind develops the belief you are very poor, you have the lack of money and it fears you it will worsen your future. That kind of poor feeling attracts the same situation and will direct you to be poorer and poorer. Due to the fear of worse future, your mind attracts the bad situation which harms your every moment. But contrary to this situation if your mind develops the beliefs that you are strong, you are humble, kind and genius it will attract the same kind of situation and lead you towards the success, prosperity, and the happiness.

You have to develop the affirmative action, avoiding your setbacks, flaws, weakness and agree that you are the strongest and most capable ones, you are earning the life to live but you have a better future. You have your best partner ever, you can do the best, you have a lot of friends and the loved ones. It will direct you to the same situation. The poor feeling always attracts the poorest and the strongest feeling always attracts the best things in life.

If you are willing for prosperity, success, and happiness in life, start the affirmative action right from today. Forgive the weakness of yourself and your loved ones and deserve the life which has been blessed with you with the fullest joys and achieve the goal of your life where you are willing to be one day. It's your turn now and it is totally in your hand, how you develop your mind how it will attract the unseen phenomena which are directly connected with the life that we are living now.