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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Everyone is unique

Don't seek the similarities with your friends and colleagues because you are the unique individual having the differences. You can't have the same capabilities as what they have but you have your own qualities. You have your own knowledge and skills that others may not have. The similarities between our

performance and attitude are very rare substance, but we possess the unique nature different skills and wisdom.

Our life is the most precious and it is priceless. We can't compare with the possession how much we have acquired neither it is comparable to the education how much we have accomplished. The wisdom identifies the value of the life and sees its beauty regardless of what we have and what we don't have.

The major reason of suffering of the human being is because they always compare with the people surrounding with them. They see the beautiful car, beautiful family and beautiful home of other people and they feel sad for not having them in life.  People always judge other possessions apparently, but can't think how they work and everyone might have the problems with them as well. One of the real experience of my own life, one woman believed her husband was very helpful, but spread her mouth to her cousin's husband who was not that way. Her cousin felt sad and frustrated with her situation, comparing her husband to her cousin husband.

The reality in this scenario is developing the bad habit to compare. Some people are very jealous in nature, they don't want to see the other beautiful home and family and start to spread the bad things about them. This bad habit doesn't help her either good for someone else but only gives the pain and torture to others. People having the bad habits enjoy breaking other life, but never think about how to move forward in life because they spend their precious time thinking how to ruin someone's life. We have to be careful with those kinds of people who are in our surroundings. It is better to have only one good friend rather having the several friends with bad habits.

Never judge the people for the first time. We have to take everything easy. Our life is beautiful and precious than anything we achieve and gain. We have to develop better habits and our persistent efforts to make our life worthwhile rewards on day sooner or later but don't panic and anxious right now when people want to break you and compare your value with someone. No one knows the value of oneself and avoiding those bad things from the mind always stay you put active, fresh and energetic.