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Thursday, April 5, 2018

The belief can overrule the decision

When you feel defeated and poor, most probably you blame your destiny, it is because you think everything is predetermined. But our belief can overrule the judgment and say no it's not true. You are the one who is super powerful with the mercy of the God and blessings with the almighty. You are
the luckiest person in the world only the poor lower court has made a mistake in your life, but shortly the highest court will give you the justice overruling this decision.

If you feel poor, helpless overrule your thought and believe that you have the unlimited potential, you are with the full of fortunes and it's your right to cherish the happiness. Nothing is impossible in this world if you believe in you. The hardship may embrace you, the adversity may tease you, but don't let them put you down. Only the strongest stone which doesn't break even after millions of hammers is worshipped as the symbol of God, keeping inside the temple otherwise all the stones step over on the sidewalks. Believe that you can be the purest and the strongest person in this world which can't be shattered even millions of adversities, hardship, and difficulties.

Every fruit is very valuable but it hasn't ripped without having a lot of pain and pressures. It should face the hot weather which burns it, it also faces the cooler weather which freezes it, but it never hesitates to seed the bud and sprouts its fruits after all. We can value the life and find its beauty only after facing several hurdles and challenges. Life becomes pale and worthless without that stuff which gives us multiple pain and hardship, but at the end, lead to the destiny to have the desired goal of life.