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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Your smile, my life

Every day doesn't embrace only with the aspirations but has to fight with the unexpected situation which disappoints, frustrate the moment. When I am disappointed, tired and anxious my little boy comes close to me asks whether everything alright with me? His innocent voice and smiley face
disappears, my pain, sorrow and all the problems that I feel. His smile is my life and the way of happiness which can't be measured even with the millions of dollars.

When we talk in a little louder voice he may think that we are arguing with each other. He comes close to us; " Stop fighting you guys". Even we are just arguing or discussing with something he is our mediator who always makes us talk nicely in a clam ways. He doesn't like someone talking even a little rough voice. When I talk something to his dad little lauder; he silently comes near me and says; " Mommy why are fighting with my daddy? If you don't stop, I will get mad at you". I try to convince him it's not a fight, but for him talking in a big voice is always a fight.

He is only three years, but his way of talking is very mature. When his dad gets mad sometimes he has the skill to make him cool down. Sometimes, I surprise with the manner what he has been doing without understanding as he behaves like a very big boy. My life is filled with the joy and happiness because of his presence. I am not alone as he is with me every time. I can't imagine sending him to Nepal as his daddy sometimes think it's a better way to keep him with his Aunt and Grandma in Nepal. I feel very sad, even though I just imagine sending him away.

He is the pure medicine of all the bad feeling, sadness, and anxiety.  When I disagree with his dad, he is the only one who can keep our relationship keep on moving. He is my treasure who gives me happiness, love, compassion and the excitement to live the life making meaningful.