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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The essential truth of life

"The unexamined life isn’t worth living.” Socrate

We have been doing and keep on going on, but the fundamental truth is we have to observe our past and examine what went wrong and what should we do in the future. Having a plan and set a goal
is always worth. If we don't examine our past and our life will stay without motion.

Our life is not only to work hard for success rather it is jubilant to embrace the hope and happiness. We always rush to do something important and get going every time with hustle and bustle. The essential truth says; allowing oneself to breathe and grow will lead us in the right direction, it gives permission when we properly think and plan otherwise only the rushing leaves us empty and vacant without any result.

We are not bound to be successful oneself, but also responsible creatures who have a desire of forming the other people and communities smart, jubilant, success and to make our community stronger; feeding the energy and aspirations. Only the network with the similar age is not enough, networking with the older people teaches us their life experiences and provide opportunities to get mature understanding.

We always fear to do something new but as per the life-essential truth, the fear of failure always hold us back. The 1000 times of failures are just a practice which doesn't suit our object but teaches the best lesson in life. Don't hesitate even to fight with the black clouds which are only temporary and the beautiful days are on its way to come.Stay focused on what your motive is ignoring the negative feedback, comments and back talk. We don't like the disappointment and adversity but remember that all of those are essential truth to lead your life to the better position tomorrow.