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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The most precious thing for a human being

The Lily, who was a very kind woman found the three men sitting outside her yard. She didn't know who are they but thought to invite them for food. She went close to them and said; " Though I don't know you, you seemed tired, I would like to serve you food and drink. Please come inside".

One of the men asked her whether her husband was at home or not. She said; " He went to work". The other man replied; " We can't go inside the house when your husband is away". She couldn't insist on them and returned alone by herself.

When his husband returned home in the evening, Lily passed all that had happened. Her husband said; " Go ask them to come inside, now I am in a home". She went to the yard again and told them they could come inside. But again one of them said; " We can't come all together. We have to come one by one." He pointed to two other names and said; " His name is wealth, his name is the success and my name is love, you have to choose one first then we will go inside turn by turn". She couldn't decide herself and went to ask her husband.

Lily husband became happy listening to her and said to call the wealth first to fill the house with enough wealth. She argued about the success to call. Their daughter was listening everything came inside came out and asked them to invite the love. They agreed and went back. She called the love to get inside, but surprisingly the success and wealth also followed him. They explained the essential thing about the human being is love, if you want to fill your home filled with the love, the success and wealth will follow automatically.