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Saturday, January 6, 2018

You will be heard only when you succeed

Every person has a  lot of problems, suffering, difficulties, and confusion. But as per the experience of the successful people of this world, there are only a few people who can listen to your pain, pressure, and difficulties, but when you succeed one day, your voice will be heard around the world.
Photo Credit: Pradeep Thapa
There are many voiceless people in this world whose voice are suppressed, many people have been suffering from the various problems, but only a few people are there with them who try to support them and hear their pain.

When the problem, fear, and doubts rule over the mind, people feel guilty, alone and devastated and think that I am a single individual who has this huge of suffering but why only me? But in fact, no single individual is free from the problem and shortcoming except the one whose demised body is burning to be destroyed. According to the experience of the famous and successful people if we fail that is not our fault, but if we don’t learn the lesson from that failure then that is our fault.

Every failure, trouble, mistake, and problems strive us to find a way to overcome them. If we have enough comfort and pleasure in life, the progress will stop within us. We will be lazy, we don’t willing to do anything because we would be busy enjoying our comfort and joys that we have. In contrary to those situations, life goes through many fluctuations, adversities, blocking and problems that we have to overcome and think about beautiful future tomorrow.  “ Today is tough, tomorrow is tougher, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful”. Jack Ma

We can't succeed if we don’t try. According to the former President Barak Obama, if we try hard it doesn't matter where we are from, what is our color and what is our background. The most important thing is to learn from what we are today and what the suffering we are. We have to focus on gaining something better and learning about how we can accomplish our goals. No one is destiny, but one can make their own destiny and future oneself. “Stop complain what you are and what you have rather worked hard what you want to be”. Even the ordinary people might possess the extraordinary opportunities one day.