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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Life flutters in the snow

Winter is always tough in New York City. It is tougher for the child who goes to daycare with working parents. With an enormous love, I have to be strong, courageous and bold in front of my little boy when he asks me why don't we stay at home together. With the heavy heart, I have to say it
is because Mommy and Daddy both have to work.

It happened the same thing today when I woke up and got ready I asked my child to wake up though he was telling me he was still sleepy. I insisted him to wake up because there was no option for me. “ I am still sleepy mommy”; he said. “ If you want to sleep, you can sleep a little longer, but I am leaving now”, I said. “ Can I stay at home with you? please mommy”, he insisted. I had to be bolder then said; “ If
Mommy says no that means no”. I spoke little louder, but became soft again, tried to find an easy way because he is a bit fussy about going to school.

“If you don't want to go to school let's go to mama house”, I told him. My cousin lives on the way to his daycare and he became excited after he heard that. “ Ye Mama house!” He exclaimed. “ I want to go mama house”, he came out from the bed excitedly. I prepared him ready to go and we went down to the road. I put him in the stroller but feeling guilty for lying. When we arrived close to my cousin house he started to cry; “ Mommy mama house is here where are we going”. I consoled him again; “ I am so sorry baby, Mama also went to work. Miss Asha is waiting for you, so we have to there” Little regret for letting him down, arouse a bad feeling, but admitted the truth and sadly murmur inside maybe we will stay at home until you are old enough to go to school in our other life my baby, Mommy is so sorry about it.

He stopped crying after a while, I was still on the way where the pavement was clean. Suddenly encountered a snow bank somehow frozen and breezy over the sidewalk which was not clean because it was under the overbridge railway road. It was quite tough, but I was pushing the stroller very hard. One of the strangers passing by me offered his help and we crossed the difficult way with accumulating the efforts together. I thanked him for his help. The thought of a stranger came to my mind as almost every day I have to take the help of an unknown person who passes by me when life flutters in the snow.

While back to the work, I was thinking about the way to take Mukkum back to home, but fortunately due to little warmer weather, the snow had melted away and the road was also cleaned. I felt happy for finding the easiest way to take him back. After arriving at home, the normal schedule went on to feed him, read the story and put in his bed. No TV, no news, no iPhone, and laptop until he goes to bed. Oh oh, so many things that a mother has to sacrifice. The life keeps on fluttering even in the snow, rain, wind and any kinds of fluctuations as I know the road is always difficult to make a beautiful future ahead. I wish you all your dream may come to be true despite your difficulties and setbacks you are facing now. Goodnight!