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Thursday, January 4, 2018

The first billionaire of Nepal Binod Chaudhry proved; when one door closed, multiple doors opened

Having the dream to become the Charter Accountant, the first billionaire of Nepal;  Binod Chaudhry grew up with his parents. He shattered when his dream ruined on its way, but later in his life, he has
The first Billionaire of Nepal Binod Chaudhry
proved that when one door close; multiple opportunities knock the door to get inside. He has reached that level of pick where none of the Nepalese has been there yet. The Forbes magazine in 2014 listed his name in the world billionaire who is never been at the university.

He was the eldest son of the three brothers with the strong sense of legacy inherited when times came upon him to take the responsibility. His father's small business with about 100 of employees had come over him when his father seriously sick. The family business was thriving with department store with imported textiles from Japan and Korea. He started working seriously after he took the responsibility after his father died. He liked to further his study, but he was required to do his duty.

His passion, dedication and his ability of visualization have empowered him to be one of the richest men in the world. He expressed his bitter experience when his dream broke on its way but also explained the consequences how the failures direct toward the success. He adds; " if you have a dream, your financial circumstances don't let it die". It means his financial situation was not more than the general people of Nepal when he began his journey at his age of 18.

According to his own version; if he had become the CA, he would have been working for some company calculating the profit and loss, but now he has been able to provide the employment for more than 6000 people. It is because he's lost his one dream, but grew the multiple dreams later on. For more than four-decade of continuous hard work, he has been living his dream life as the president of Chaudhary Groups which he has developed the biggest conglomerate of Nepal which worth billions of dollars. His one of the famous brand of noodles 'wai wai' has spread among the world.