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Monday, January 22, 2018

The greatest gift of parents

Many years ago a great chief lived with his wife and children in great wealth and comfort. But his two children were unhappy. They never smiled and looked always sad wandering through the village, yawning and weeping. They were growing so thin and their appearance was like skeletons.

In that same village, there also lived a poor guy whose two children were very happy, smiled and looked very healthy. They kept singing songs and playing with other children all day long. Their limbs looked plump and strong. They were very cute and loving.

My child's gift to me
The chief was furious while observing the poor guy’s children and asked his servant to call him.
He said;”Tell me why your children are so happy and healthy. Mine are always sad and weak, though I give them healthy foods and a lot of toys.”

The poor guy answered; ”Chief,", "I feed my children everyday meat of the tongue, and this brings them happiness and smile.”

He was delighted to know a simple truth. He ordered his servants to fetch him tongues every meat. He also instructed them to prepare tongue roasts, stews,  soups,  fried, boiled, grilled with all possible varieties and started feeding his children daily.
They still would not smile. They grew thinner and paler. Those varsities of meat couldn’t bring the smile.
The chef became mad at the poor guy. Once again, he called him. "You have given me the false statement,” he said angrily.  He was the ruler and the people had to listen to him. He ordered to exchange his children with his in his punishment.
With a heavy heart, the poor guy agreed, though he was sad giving away his hearts. He brought the chef’s unhappy children into his house.

Time kept on flying, and the chief's new children began to turn sad and thin. He offered many toys and games and jewels, but still, they didn’t smile. He also ordered marvelous birds in golden cages to sing with them, but neither they listen nor sing. Despite his hard work, he could not bring happiness to them realized all was in vain.

On the other hand, the poor guy went to his work every day. When he returned home and talked with his children while having the evening meal together. He always told them tales of the wonders of the world. He made them fun describing the sun, moon, stars and many things. He plotted pictures of the fields where he worked.  He sang a song with them when they were ready to go to bed with smiles on their faces. They, fell fast asleep listening to him.

The poor guy’s new children started to smile.  They soon began to laugh and gained the weight. They played with the other children of the village.
The chief’s efforts were fruitless to please his new children. He decided to return them back to his home and thought to return his own children.

When the servants arrived at the poor man's home, he found a lot of changes and they said with the happy face "Welcome to our happy home,".

When the servant said he was there to take them back they didn’t want. " We are happy here listening to the tales of the world and hearing our new father's songs."
"We do not wish to return to our father's home,"

Then he returned alone with the message to the chief and told him what the children had said. The furious chief ran all the way to the poor man's house and learned the reason why his children didn’t want to back.
He amazed at the change in his children face and learned the reasons from the poor guy.

The chief listened to all that their children said and remembered; ”The meat of the tongue," he said, nodding, taking the poor man's hand in his. "You are a wise man, indeed," he said, "for you know the greatest gift a parent can offer his children is his companionship, and his wisdom, and his words. You have taught me well."
 The chef gave them his love and attention and filled their lives with songs and stories which changed their lives and lived happily forever.