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Friday, January 26, 2018

Master and slave

A very long time ago when the slavery still existed in the world, one master had a slave his name was Clever. As his name, he was very wise and intelligent. The master was thinking to reward him with the greatest gift which could change his whole life. One day, one of his dogs died. The master decided to
The picture was taken in front of Korean war veterans memorial Washington DC
take an exam before giving him the huge surprise. He asked him to cut and bring the most important body part related to the human being.

The Clever went and cut the part of the tongue and brought to his Master. Again the master asked him to go back and bring g the worst part of the body part. He went away and came back, bringing the part of tongue again. The master wondered to know the reasons why he thought the most important and the worst part of the body related to human being could be the tongue.

His salve Clever explained about that. " Master! I believe that the most important part of the human body is the tongue because if people use it tongue wisely they treat everyone with nice words, love, and compassion. The tongue is the one which makes the best relationship with friends and family, which tends to have a better future and a better life which help them to live their lives happily forever ever"

The master also asked the reason why he thought the same tongue could be also the worst body part. He replied; " The same body part of human being, the tongue could be the worst if we don't think properly and speak out without the conscious mind. This is the one which spreads the haters, breaks the relationship and makes the enemies and even loses the loved ones tempting out the words without respect, love, and compassion"

After listening to his slave, the master became very happy with him as he also learned the greatest lesson in life. He freed him in reward of his wisdom and intelligence he used while performing everything he had asked. ( Moral story)