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Saturday, October 14, 2017

How to identify the ultimate goal in life?

The ultimate goal of life is the self-satisfaction. If we don't understand what we want and how we
satisfied, then we can't achieve the ultimate goal in life. Our life is full of surprises and all the outcomes depend on how we handle and tackle the situations that we face. We could have intrinsically motivated to work something new but it's always worthwhile doing something that gives us self-satisfaction and self-pleasure.

No matter how hard we work, no matter how much we try and no matter how much we earn if we are not satisfied we can't achieve our ultimate goal in life. Self-satisfaction is the inner happiness and peace of mind. It is an absolute fulfillment of oneself with what is accomplished in life from the hard work or the effort we have made. Achieving the self-satisfaction is not that easy and also not that difficult if we understand truly what gives us the happiness and pleasure oneself achieving the ultimate goal of ours.

For instance, someone achieves the happiness helping the poor people, someone might have different visualization to achieve it. If we work only for the sake of another or feel imposed to get done something that makes us exhausted. We feel tired all the times and can't utilize our existing energy. But if we work what we intend to work we identify what really makes us satisfied that gives the real meaning in life. Even we fail after thousands of trials, but we will be satisfied with that result if it has initiated from the inner heart. Success and failure might come along the journey, but if we do something that we really love, then we will achieve the self-satisfaction and that is the synonym of achieving the ultimate goal.


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