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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Lets spread the love and happiness for the humanity

The people of hater always comes to be the part of criticism and never know why they lost their power and their fame. The current president of the United  State of America Donald Trump has been one of the most criticized presidents ever in the history. As per the poll record of the popular news of New York, 40 percent of the American has said the Trump will be remembered as one of the worst
president of the United State in the future. He has been accused of sexual harassment and he has disintegrated the people due to the religion and their belief banning the people to enter and celebrate their freedom based on their faith which was against the first amendment of the constitution. Many political attire issued their belief of impeachment of President Donald Trump due to his unacceptable behavior towards  all the American and human beings.

We can easily figure out which president of the United State live in the heart of more people comparing what they did in their tenure. The former president Obama has remained in most of the people's heart because of his inspiration, motivation, integration and love regardless of the race, color, sexual orientation and the origin. But the current president has already dotted the black spot among the many people'  heart because of his behavior of disintegration and hater even only one year of his presidency. This proves whom and why people have to work out to live longer than their life.

People never realize the own weakness, flaws and shortcoming rather always point out the other whom they don’t like. They always see other weakness and shortcoming but never realize that what are their flaws and what are the things within them inside which others don’t like or they have to improve them.  Those are the social illusion which always stuck not only the single person but the society. We always want to be better and go forward but never watch and analyze which is the best way to move on rather we try to pull down rather pushing up our incumbents creatures.

This is a special season of Christmas and New Year, lets forgot the people who hurt us rather lets spread our love, compassion, empathy, and happiness among the people. People who want to have the life with happiness is easier than the people who want to have the comfortable lives. We can have the happiness throughout our inner meditation and practice but it is very difficult to fill the appetite of the people who have the hunger for name, fame, pleasure, and money. Every materialistic substance are temporary, let’s enjoy our life in the absence of starvation of those things which never lasts and give only the temporary happiness.

 I wish all,  the almighty may bless you with full of happiness and love without that starvation of physical substances which never last in our life. May you all be empowered to spread the love and compassion rather you will be motivated to pin point to other. I hope this special occasion may change your thought of greediness and gives the endless power of love toward all the living being of this world. Merry Christmas everyone!