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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

This is how the outcome happens (Moral Story)

One of the successful businessmen of popular logistics company was getting ready to go to his office. When he reached into his car and opened the door, he found a dog sleeping under his car suddenly came out and bit on his leg. He became furious got quickly picked up rocks from the ground and
threw at the dog but none hit the dog. It ran away hurriedly.

When he reached his office, his anger hadn't gone away, but he had to conduct the meeting with his managers. During the meeting, he put his anxieties upon them. They also got upset by the anger of their boss and they put transfer that to their employees who were working under them. The chain of
this reaction kept moving to the lower level of employees and finally, that reached to handyman.

None was working under him. He was also upset and reached home late. His wife asked him why he was late. He transferred his frustration with a slap over his wife.

, “I didn’t go to the somewhere to play but, I went to work, don't you know?"

Now she got upset because of the slap without reason. She got mad and slapped on his son who was watching tv. She scolded his son for watching TV and blamed him for not reading.

The furious son got out of the house and threw his anger with a stone upon a dog which was passing by. The rocks splashed upon the dog. The dog hit by the rocks cried with the pain and run away barking.

That was the same dog which bit the businessman on that early morning.

Moral: The outcomes is the result of what we do . Reap as on your end. Transmitting the anger bound you back to the trouble again. We all worry about the own but forget how that hurts to the others. We forget today but worry after the death. We have to focus and pay more concentration  on how we are living and behaving with others now. If we do right, good thing will come, If we do bad, Wrong will come. Out outcomes depends what we perform now.