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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Counting the future ( Moral Story)

An old man who lived his life alone believed that he could read the future of the others with the help of the stars. He liked to be called himself as an Astrologer and spent his most of the time at night gazing at the sky and reading the future. He was busy worrying about his own future and other. 
People often came to him, to find out what their future would be going to be. He used to read the starts and predicted their future.

One day when he was coming out of the home, he saw the stars in the sky and thought to read some predictions.  He was walking along the open road but his eyes were up to the sky.He saw that the end of the world was coming very close. He lost within his reading about the future. He kept on walking through his concentration was the stars. Suddenly, he fell into a ditch full of mud and water as he never looks down his way where he was.

He sank deep into the muddy water and madly tried to claw at the slippery sides of the hole, but his effort to climb out didn't work. He became unable to come out, he started screaming for help with the fear of losing his life. His cries for help were heard among the people and soon they gathered there to help him.

They made their efforts together to pull him up from the mud.  One of them said, “You are the one who read the future in the stars, and yet you fail to see what is at your feet? This is your lesson you have to pay more attention to what is in front of you rather than thinking about your future "

Another one added; "What  is the use of reading future ", “to read the stars, when you can’t see what’s right here on the earth and don't know what is in front of your feet ?"

Moral: Everyone wants the future to be brighter and happier, but the time doesn’t stop for anyone. Each tomorrow turns into today, your present is also a part your tomorrow. The future is always dependent on to look forward to and improve from the past.  We can't go back to yesterday but always us the opportunity of today to maintain the balance of present life while working for the better future.