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Thursday, October 26, 2017

The bravest man

Once upon a time, there was a couple who were very hard working. They had the greatest tires of love and compassion to each other. They spent almost all of their time together. Their lives were made a knot complementing on every course of phases.There was a huge hill in that village and on
Photo credit: Bardhoj Okhrabo
the top of that, they had a farm where they worked most of the time. Their home was down the hill and they used to walk all the way from bottom to top, which was quite tough for them.

One day, the wife was going to get food for his husband, but suddenly she felt down on that hill and severely wounded. The hospital was quite far and just another side of that hill. If there wouldn't be that hill it was not difficult to reach there, but trailing around the hill, it took so long he couldn't save her wife's life because it was already late when he reached there. She died due to lack of treatment.

The husband became so furious with that hill because of that he couldn't save her life, she was only the one who loved him the most. It became the hardest part to live the remaking life without her.He determined to break that hill so that people wouldn't suffer anymore, wouldn't lose the life of loved ones. He started to break that hill using all the equipments and used all of his efforts. The people of the village said he was so stupid as to break that hill was nothing more than stupidity. They assumed that he must have slipped away to his brain because of the loss of his wife. He didn't listen whatever people said, but kept on working continuously and tirelessly.

He was only 25 when he began to break the hill, but when he reached 55 he completed his mission. After all, People honored his determination and hugely appreciated his hard work. On his admiration and respect, the villagers decided to change the name on that man's name. Later in his life, he was awarded by the government and his name was listed in the name as the bravest man in the world.

Lesson of this story

We can't change the things and our minds until and unless we have the strongest reasons to do. If we identify the valid reasons for doing something definitely we will achieve our goal one day. We should have the specific goal to have a bold decision. We have to identify our passion where we can sink to the deepest level, then nothing is impossible in this world!