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Saturday, October 28, 2017

The artist of your life

A simple smile can make a difference in the world. A smile truly gives the positive message about the situation doesn’t matter either the outcomes might be what is expected or not, but while sharing the smile is considered as the reason of extending the mileage of happiness. We are aware of our life,
we are temporarily tied in this world and will disappear one day from this beautiful spare no matter how we try to live longer. Death is inevitable and truth for everyone.

It is hard to smile because of the busy schedule. While commuting to work everyday people seem disappointed, tired, anxious and they even forget to smile. If we try to make a habit in life to smile which gives the first impression to anyone else not only for the physical appearance or facial expression smile is the symbol of happiness. It has also a scientific reason as science has proven the various benefits of smiling related to increasing our milestones.

Life is not that easy and it is not that tough if we maintain our balance of life, but if we disintegrate the major entities of happiness then it becomes tougher and harder than what actually it is. No one in this world is out of the suffering and out of the problems. Only the one who is free from the problem is the one whose soul is already out of the body and going to be ashes soon. Even the biggest and most successful people of this world have come crossing after thousands of problems in life, that's why we have to convert our suffering into the smile which gives us the new strength and beginning of new life.

The practice of smile gives us the power to cope the frustrations, anxiety, and depression. Our mind will be fueled by the positive energy and we always see everything is beautiful and our life is beautiful. We are the artist of our lives, we can paint it with whatever color we like. We can make either in-plane color or varieties of colors depending on the situations. We can not control the other’s situation, but we are the in charge of our own life and our happiness. If we can’t give anything to this world, let's give a simple smile it is not only for the other, but it is the greatest and cutest things in life which are measured with the milestones of life as it extends the mileage of our life to live in this beautiful world.