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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Women choices

Every woman wants her beautiful family with a supportive husband and the lovable kids in their laps. But not all the women are as lucky as what they think and desire, as many have to go to with the different kinds of circumstances. Every woman has a choice what to take it along with the journey or
Women  Struggle
anything else there to leave. My presentation of women's choices is based on my own experiences and what I have observed during this life period of time.

As all the other women I always want for my child to keep him happy and to fulfill the desire of my family without any excuse. But for some time being and due to my own busy schedule, I am always lacking behind what truly I want to do and how I spend my time with them. Only a mother is selfless in this world who loves their kids without any return, without any hope and without any expectation for the future. Only the mother love is pure in this world and none of the other existing can replace the mother's lap and unconditional compassion.

I had a dream that my child would be my friends of my loneliness and help to me to go away the feeling of being alone in this world. After having my child Mulklum Hang, I  received the greatest happiness of life and most importantly, he became my friends of every moment what I used to go through. I might have scolded several times due to the circumstances but it didn’t mean I wanted to harm him. I had a dream to keep him always happy and satisfied, but as I am a mother, I have to know the way how to keep the discipline and the way of what he suppose to learn from his first teacher.

I was very busy today because, I had to put away the laundry, grocery, and cleaning the house. I have to go several times to put away the stuff that Mukkum Mess-up, I  warned him not to do, but he is a little boy says yes one time but keeps on messing everything in front of him. We were trying to finish everything before the evening so we would have enough time to enjoy in the park, I tried a lot to finish everything before leaving the room, but unfortunately, it was about 6 o’clock when we left home.

He knew by himself and offered me to go the basketball ground, which is quite close to us and under the renovation. I agreed with him as my purpose was to please him and give him a lot of fun and to make our spare time fruitful. Instead of playing himself, he wanted me to play the basketball and enjoyed when I got the boll thought the naive.It was the greatest privilege to be a mother, and also need to have a lot of compromise and dedication as all of those could be against what I want to do and what is my passion in life. It is hard work to put aside our primary goal of life, but the most pleasurable moment to have a little kid during the phases of life.