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Monday, September 18, 2017

Major ingredients to have a relationship work out.

Every day the news hit our ears with the divorce and separation, many children's lives are connected and they are badly affected due to the breaking out of the relationship between the two counterparts. The relationship is one of the difficult parts of life to nurture, foster and keep it alive. Both parties are
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responsible for maintaining and keeping the relationship alive, even if one party keeps on trying hard, but another has a negligence then the outcomes eventually will be the same as above. If we want our family keeps on moving and happy lives, we have to know certain ingredients that focus on keeping and working out in the relationship.

1. Commitment;

Commitment is one of the essential parts of the relationship. We begin a relationship with someone, but don’t have a commitment to us then we can slip away in the middle of the journey. We both have to have the commitment to our relationship and should understand both we are responsible for keeping it alive. If only the one is committed to this relationship, but other parties neglect and don't care whether to keep or break then the relationship doesn’t last long. Both parties should make a commitment otherwise nothing could happen except breaking out.

2. Compromise;

Everyone is different and unique in the world. The two parties come to have the relationship even if they are from the different cultural background, different schooling, different ways of parenting. In order to have the relationship alive, we have to compromise and work out with the differences. What you think good couldn’t be the same way for your spouse, then only the point of meeting both opinions together is compromised. Sometimes one may win and the other will lose, these two consequences should be rotated. If only the one party wants to be a winner all the time and don’t want to be looser, then it is the danger sign of breaking the relationship out. In order to shape the relationship, there should be compromise and understanding depending on the situation. One could be a winner some circumstances, but other will be the same phase on other time only then relationship work out.

3. Respect and appreciation

We have to respect each other. We know we have to respect our seniors and love to all the human being of this world. Respecting one’s opinion, views and ideas are significant parts of the relationship regardless of own opinion. We should respect our spouse, should praise what she/he has done for us. An appreciation is an empathy and kindness which strengthen the bond between the two. It is also a saying that you will be respected if you learn to respect the others.

4. Forgiveness

One of the essential ingredients of working out the relationship is forgiveness. We have to live in present not in the past, neither in the future. We have to be practical in life and be proactive. We all make a mistake and everything happens for a reason. We learn from the mistake and get the opportunity to learn every day. Forgiving someone for the mistake made in the past or present is important to keep the relationship going on.

5. Clarity;

We have to talk about what we expect from the relationship. Both parties should work out and talk about what the meaning to be in the relationship or what could be the outcomes that should from that. Transparency and clarity are the most essential ingredients that we should understand from our spouse or partners what we are going to have from this one. If we are clear from the expectation of the both parties, we will be dedicated to having the common goal, but if there is confusion what the two are expecting from the relationship then it will disappear in the clouds one day.