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Saturday, September 16, 2017

How the multiple hands are grounded by their better half?

Women are considered with multiple hands as they have to play the numerous roles in the family at once. But due to the wrong social belief, their roles are dominated and not boldly appreciated rather
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their better half treat them with the misconceptions that those are the presumptive roles that women need to play. I don't understand why the human being lacks behind in the equality and social justice for approaching them under the same category.

One of the couples who live close by me presents the true and clear story of woman's character in our society, who has been suffering and dominated by her own male counterpart but she compromises for her daughter's future. As I observed them closely and their daily routines, the woman works so hard she even doesn't have her personal life except taking care her family and doing the household chores after she is over from her job, but her husband performance is comparable with no sense and not supportive. They both work and earn the money and divide all the expenditure what they owe for the family, but all of the household chores are not divided between them which need to be done solely by the woman.

Every time she looks tired and busy. I by purpose went to them in order to have the close understanding two/ three times during their day off. I found her cleaning the house, organizing, and cooking, but in that meantime, her husband was busy himself playing the games on his iPhone. I asked the woman gently why she is only taking part on all of those activities, she smiled and responded me she tried to change her husband, but unable to do anything, then she gave up her hope and avoid her effort rather said she would do whatever she could otherwise she would leave them.

She is just an example that I closely observed, but there are numerous women are undergoing with that kind of circumstances. They have lived their lives just for the sake of family and kids not for themselves, what they have intended to live rather most of them leave for the compromise. I am not mean to all the men, but in front of my eyes, many men have dominated their female counterparts. They think superior in the society and want to fight for the right for the sake of the people, but forget how to treat their better half fairly.

Separation and divorce are the outcomes of those situations, but I am not pointing out only men, everyone is different and unique in this world if the two counterparts can't work out together separation is always a choice for them because not one single individual is born to be intimidated throughout the life but life is given to deserving the happiness and finding the true glory. We need to have the compromise to workout with the difference because everyone comes from the dissimilar family background, schooling, social norms, and values than what comes from others. We have to respect each other and try to respect the differences, but only the concern is that most of the men in our society think that they are superior creatures and dominator who value themselves more but don't understand how they will be respected if they can't respect to their own better half.