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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Time is a tight wait for none"

You were a beautiful princess more than what I liked someone, more than what I had imagined and it was the greatest pleasure to see you with a silky hair, little loose clothes. You seemed to shine in the
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moon, but never dared to tell you what I had in my mind rather I always tried to run away far from you, but didn't leave to watch hiding you staying far away in the horizon. I liked you so much, but I didn't have the courage to tell you because I had several reasons why I was that way.

After about a decade, I am not sure whether it was my fortunate or not  I am connected with you and went back to the past. Every trial and every memory reveal constantly teasing myself for the fear and disappear, but now I am strong and confident I can share you what I thought what was in my mind, but it is already too late. You were pretty more than the angel for me, you were more adorable than the princess of my palace of the castle, but the destiny hadn't made you for me and I kept on hiding and hiding forever.

Not everything is said in life, not everything is seen here in this world, even the true love can't be seen, but only felt in the heart. My love was more than what the words can explain, the true beauty lies in the eyes, not with the objects. You run away from my life without giving me the opportunities to embrace you, without letting you know the truths. When you asked me why you are still single it was quite difficult to answer, but easy and true because my love disappeared and I was searching to find the same but couldn't get the one that was in my mind.

"Time is a tight wait for none".  He had a fear and doubt that's why he never told me what he actually had in mind. This is my true story, the letter received from someone today. I became so emotional and was walking silently to the train after the work. I didn't move away from my imagination how life runs how we are predestined. Everyone's relationship is made not only by seen but it should be written by the fate before we born. I was thinking a lot of things in a crowded subway. An old man was on my side and another young man was reading a big book even  standing and holding the train with one hand. The old guy was like the character of "Modern Family" serial Mr. Jay. He looked nice and moved back to make a room for me.

I used to take the mobile out and read the news or checked the messages, but nothing was in my mind except to let to reveal all the memories. I wanted to sail along in my fantasy. I made a castle and drove it along with my own boat. I was little crazy, but nothing could be rebuilt. I knew everything but it was fun for me to get along the journey being someone's angel of the dream and letting him make his dream true. Suddenly the trains stopped and the old man banged his leg with me. He screamed; " fucking train doesn't move well and stop frequently, I am so sorry".  He was a different man of my imagination, his expression made me away from that and tried to move little far. I returned to my reality and forgot that past and came to my own world where I didn't have patience to see my little boy.