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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The new experiment

Once upon a time, the king of one kingdom decided to perform a new experiment with a man. Possibly he was the first king who loved to have a new experiment with a different thing. He called one man and said; " How much property are you willing to have in your life?" That man bowed down his head and said; " I want to have enough money to live me and my family with the greatest joy
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and pleasure for this age". The king said to that man; " You will own the land as much as you can walk tomorrow throughout the day, but you have to have one promise in mind that you should arrive at the same place from where you begin your journey before the sunset". He agreed that proposal and went back to his home.

On the next day; when the sun shined that man started to walk to own the enough land. He wanted to walk as much as he could so that he would be the richest man and would enjoy his remaining life happily with his family. He was running so fast without any rest. He was so tired and his body wanted to have the rest, but his mind said to him he could take the rest next day because that was not the time to take rest as he had to walk that day.He felt thirsty, but in the meantime, his mind said he could drink the water next day as that was the day to walk for the days of remaining life and to seed the opportunities of pleasure and comfort. He abandoned his thirst and kept on walking.

He felt so hungry, but he recalled again, he could eat whatever he wanted next day,  but that day was only to work hard to own the land for his brighter future that's why he forgot his appetite. He was so tired, restless, even his single drop of sweat stopped coming out of his body but didn't give up walking. Suddenly he saw the sun in the sky, it was about to set out and remembered his promise that he had given to the king. He should have reached to the same place and only about an hour was left. He returned back spending all of his remaining energy and eventually made to be there on the set time with a lot of efforts. None of the cells had things to have as nothing had left over on his body.

He tried very hard to make his promise. He constantly ran without any food, water and all the sweat had run out. The king was waiting to see him. He rigorously fell down on the ground. People gathered around with fear, suspicion, and doubts on their faces.They discovered that he had already left this world due to the heart attack. People were thinking about how big land he was going to achieve in contrary to their expectation, he won only the land that fit into his body to bury him.

This is a short story and lesson associated with this story is that we always work hard and don't care about our health and think for tomorrow, but remember that today is the most important moment than tomorrow because we are never sure either it may come or not. Enjoy the moment care yourself, don't chase behind only for money.