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Saturday, September 30, 2017

How to define yourself?

Defining oneself is the difficult part of our life, but we might think our outer appearances will define who we are, or our dress up and makeup will tell them how we look like. We want to prettify our face shining and want to wear the beautiful dresses in order to have the best pictures. We also want to eat
less in order to have the better body size to be seen prettier in other’s eyes. That's is how we visualize and define ourselves. In general, understanding we want to be good and perfect in other eyes, we need appreciation and expect always their positive feedback, but life doesn’t come to be true what we have been thinking.

Everyone wants to be beautiful in this world, but in contrary to this expectation Lizzie Velasquez became the ugliest woman in peoples' eyes. She was born only two pounds and doctors told her parents, their first child wouldn’t be able to crawl, walk and even talk throughout her life. Instead of surprising, her parents answered, they would see, take care of her with the best possible ways they could and that's how she was taken care with the love and best effort to make her normal as other people. When she was very young, she never realized she was different than other kids. When other kids scared and turned her down, she disappointed and returned home from school and asked her parents what wrong she did?. They said;’ You did nothing wrong, you are perfect, beautiful and same as other kids only the difference is you are smaller than other kids” She credits her parents for all of their efforts who turned her life today to be a motivational speaker, writer and accomplished her goals what she really wanted to be in her life.

Her parents treated her always equally like everyone, but this world didn’t. Whenever she walked to the public place she noticed the peoples stopping the talk in the middle in order to stare her. She even refused to go public water parks because she wasn’t able to stand the public bathing suit. She could eat whatever she wanted to eat, but because of some unknown syndrome, she could not gain the weight regardless of her eating. She had to face every day the disappointment, rejection, and anger. The most challenging part of her life was that when people commented her video “ Go get fire in your head and killed yourself”. She cried a lot but started to gain the strength standing herself in front of the mirror and thought what really she defines and answers this world. She says: “ We can either decide to feel sorry for ourselves and throw the biggest pity party in the world and just be stuck in it or there’s this whole other side of everything that we do have in our lives”

She wanted to be a motivational speaker and searched in the google how to be so. She worked tirelessly, she graduated from her college and accomplished her dreams of writing the books. So many people kept on telling her many things but she always thought what her mind tells her despite listening to the people. She determined to answer the people ’s definition only by her hard work and what she is truly inside and tried to make herself better every day. She did a lot of research and brought an anti-bullying campaign to Congress. She is the bravest women she became able to turn her ugliest appearance to the prettiest among the world.