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Friday, September 15, 2017

The in charge of happiness

Happiness is a state of mind where we are free from the suffering, worries, and feeling in insecurity. We are in the state of intended and inspired about the life, motivated, enthusiastic and weaving the
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necklace of a beautiful dream every day. In other words, happiness is something which gives the real meaning, value and unconditional love, compassion to al the living being and spread the empathy. We have the feeling of the world is beautiful, I am enjoying my life and this life is so precious we have to deserve the happiness of his life to his fullest level. The ultimate happiness is possible if we identify what is the in charge of happiness? Is that your better half? Your mentors? Or the people whom you are surrounded?

Of course not, because none can be the in charge of happiness except yourself. If we seek the happiness from whom we are connected, then we can't fully deserve it. It is you and within you who is the in charge of your happiness. If you find the happiness with your better half then your happiness will be related to someone whom you love. We never know what comes tomorrow and not sure whether someone whom you love might stay with you forever or not. We love someone doesn't mean our happiness should be dependent on them. In fact, we can share our happiness, pleasure, and pain to whom we love, but shouldn't be correlated to be happy in life in that relationship.

Happiness matters in a life and only the best source of happiness is solely yourself. That should come from your heart, your thoughts and mind not with the people whom you are and not by the materials what you have. We can control our mind, our thoughts and perceptions and several things are out of our control. It's okay to be poor today, to be alone and to be someone who really doesn't have any substance which matters in the society. We have to accept the truth but should have the aspirations. You have to believe yourself and your inner one that you could control and accept the outer events which are out of your controls.

You are in charge of your own opinion, your hard work, your decision and your power. You can be positive or negative, you can have the positive influence on the people or bad impact that's up to you. Nothing can change you unless you determine yourself. Nothing can determine your happiness unless you define the happiness for yourself. Don't let anyone be in charge of your happiness because you are the one who can best decide about your life, you are the one who knows better than what the other knows about you. Nothing can replace your happiness that's why don't seek your happiness to the people and with the relationship in your life, but be in charge of your happiness by yourself. Happy weekend!