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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is it okay to let it sail?; The motion of life.

It is hard to be impermeable even we try very hard. Our life is full of fluctuations with many ups and down, pain- pressure, happiness-pleasures which keep around the circumferences of life turning into one point to the other. Sometimes, even we are surrounded by many people, friends, family members
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and colleagues we sail and find alone. Sometimes; even without any companion of single people, we deserve ourselves the loved ones surrounded and feel nothing is lacking in our lives.  That is why the events of life are in motions which keep on changing from one phase to another, like head and tail of the coin and the day and night.

Sometimes, we are distracted by a tiny word that we don’t expect, we feel hurt and assaulted, intimidated, but sometimes even with a  single word we feel loved, companioned, cared and find a lot of meaning of lives for living in this world. We try to be happy in life and we try to achieve what we have dreamed of to be but whenever life throws us to the curveball then we feel that everything ended in our lives. Many people have the misconception that we have to focus on only the good things and should control our emotions, but many researchers have different opinions;

Not all the times, but sometimes we have to let our emotions come out without hurting anyone but we should allow to sail it whichever directions it wants. It's okay, we feel lonely and distracted and it is also okay sometimes we feel alienated. We human beings are not born perfect, but we always seek the perfections and betterments. Moreover, we are always seeking and fighting for each other, to be more superior and better than other existing people. But we are not permanent in this world and it is always better of giving our life a meaning spreading the love and happiness to the people around the world.

Sharing the love and spreading the happiness contain the greatest humanity which we can’t compare with any substance. Together we can make a difference in this world, sharing and caring the love to each other rather than fighting and comparing for the betterment possess the ultimate value of life. We may fly into the fantasy; we may have the intention to reach the peak, but let's not forget to spread the happiness because it always extends its amount if we share to each other.