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Sunday, October 1, 2017

The importance of family

It is a saying that family is the first. The family is an essential element of a human being to foster the love and care and develop the society thriving the foundation of happiness the unconditional love and
support. Love is sustained in this world only because of the family, which is made by a couple and their children. A mother is the first teacher in a family who teaches and passes the compassion and
empathy to the children with unconditional love. Only the mother love contains the purity which doesn't expect
any return.

Together we make a family
The family is the essential component of society which is made up in the community and the nation together. If we want to build the difference in the world, it should be integrated with each individual and each family. Everyone is different in this world, but a family is made with the union of different people pertaining to unique nature, value and perception. Regardless of the individual differences, a family possesses the common goal which diminishes the difference of each individual. I can't be the perfect person in someone's mind and someone can't be the 100 percent perfect for me, but we as a family will focus on our common goal rather than considering the each individual interest.
Mom and Son

We might have the different interest, the different purpose of life that we are willing to peruse for a certain period of time. We might have the arguments and disagreements because of our unique characters, but we come together in the common goalkeeping aside the individual interest. Sometimes I think my spouse couldn't fulfill my expectations and he might think in the same way by the time being. We understand the feeling what comes in mind, but we should always keep in mind, we never know what someone's mind what it contains. We have to talk, discuss and try to resolve the issues.

The value of family stimulates after having the kids. Becoming the parents is one of the happiest moments but together with it, we have to be ready to face numerous challenges. The arrival of the child fills our life with the fullness of joy, happiness as well the responsibility of having them and giving them the best care, love, affectionate and the extraordinary treatment to make them the unique and the best creature of this world. This is how a family is made with the common goal despite the individual differences. The members understand the value and give equal respect and consideration and work out with the differences.

I am not the only one who has faced numerous challenges in life because I know no one exists in the world without the problems and suffering. I know we have the distinct characters and different perceptions but we have a common goal of life that is our child. We have an equal responsibility of
He is always told the happy boy Mukkum Hang Limbu
taking care him, loving and nurturing him all the ways from wake up to the sleep time. We have to manage our time and segregate some companies together to make your child happy because when he is alone with his father, he always says; " Daddy, I want mommy".  When he stays with me he says; " Mommy I want daddy". It indicates that his mommy and daddy both are important components of his life. He will be happy while staying with his parents together. Making him our union together and segregating our time with him fuel his inner willingness and he becomes the happiest child of the world.