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Monday, August 21, 2017

The way of living

Sunset picture was taken by By Bardhoj Okhrabo at  Tuen Mun HK

I shatter every day into pieces but
Never give up smiling
I bang on my way and smash the road
But never give up dreaming
Because I want to be alive in this world
Until I will be seized away to go
I want to draw the merit of life to everyone
I want to see the unforeseen future of myself

Even the darkest clouds may cover the sun
I don't want to bend my knee of stopping
My dream may crack into pieces
I don't stop dreaming
Even the biggest stone hit me on my back
I will bear if I can breathe
Everything is predetermined
Trouble, suffering  pain and pressures
I want to face every milestone that may come
I want to fight with every suffering

The toughest time teases me when I am alone
The hardest path keeps on kidding me
When everything messes up
But my heart always stays strong
My soul says you are the bravest
My own insider say you are the courageous
That's why
I keep on living
I keep on fighting
I keep on smiling
That is the way of my living