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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The words have no value

This sentence is brought by one of my friends what he believes in the words is they have no value on them. I am impressed with what he tried to say about that relating the human being and relationship. In fact, if we think all of the words don’t possess any values we can be happy letting all the egos go
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away from our mind enjoying in the emptiness of the universe and the spectrum of the space without thinking a counter attack neither we have to prepare to show something better than them.

The pain and suffering come from the words because if someone uses the words as a bow, then it could be much more dangerous and harmful than the metal one that people can’t take it out from their heart. We break the relationship due to the worlds and split our castle because of it. If we think seriously why we don’t like someone or why we fight with the people is because of the words what they use. In addition, our way of perceiving that word as our enemy and think that that really hurt our feelings. We may feel sad and lose our happiness due to the words, which are created by someone to satire us behind, to hurt us or might have thrown to us for the judgments. If we focus on what somebody  have said  due to his anger or how he has Perceived our way of thinking and opinion and about the way what we do, or he might have treated us because of our different opinion which could be against his willingness or which he doesn’t like. Everything has a reason we have to analyses of growing the ego inside rather if we believe the words have no values we really don't plant the anger to dwell the hater.

We always expect the praise and positive feedback from the people around us if somebody criticizes that we don’t like, don't want to talk to them or disregard their opinions. But in fact, we are the human beings, we can make a mistake as we are not made perfect. We are learning every day and it is a never-ending process. If we always expect only the positive feedback we don't identify our weakness and can't make improvements. Therefore if someone points out our weakness we have to be happy about that because we never figure out our own weakness and setbacks ourselves. In addition, if the words hurt us, we have to think that no words carry any values on it rather I can design it throughout myself. I can twist the understanding as the words never possess that much value!