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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Spreading the notion of "Dhaka" preserving the identity

Kalpana Yonghang Limbu one of the successful women entrepreneurs and inspiration to all the women of our origin. Who has a long struggle of her life to be here today. She started her Dhaka weaving and designing the dresses which are also one of the traditional skills of indigenous women's and Limbu women one of that group. She has been protecting the skills and also promoting the ways a way of living the life as a profession.

Our ancestors used to make their own clothes, weaving from the threads that are why she thinks the way what she stunned and initiated to make the clothes was originated with her from her gene. She decided to make her traditional skills as a profession and to spread these norms and identity of Dhaka around the world. After several struggles and hard work now she is able to give the jobs around 100 people for the different skills. She never had any support neither from her family nor from the government but didn't hesitate to sell her products on the table when there were any festivals in the community.

She is one of the successful women and indigenous women entrepreneurs of Nepal who also designs for the President of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari. Her struggle and hard work have returned her in many ways. She is popular among the people and she is known among the people of the world. Her exemplary role is not only for her business but also her purpose to spread the identity and traditional skills which have been disappearing due to the globalization. Would like to salute her and request you all to be inspired by watching this video.