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Monday, August 14, 2017

What's happening in the world?

The world has been facing many things now;  here are major issues, which have put the attention of people around the world;

1. North Korea Threats to the United State of America.

The Kim Jong Un of North Korea continues his threat of nuclear weapon which he believes capable of reaching into the United States.  The dictator of North Korea Jong’s relentless quest poses to the
United State and its treaty ally has risen the biggest move in the world. The North Korea has recently successful two missiles launched, could hit the United State by either of one as per the expert. In return to this threat President of United State Donald Trump has treated the North Korea with a statement “Fire and Fury like the world has never seen”

There will be the horrible toll of such staggering. People have started to grow the fear of the possibility of death and damage of property and destabilization of the economic order. One of the greatest challenges of the US is the capital of South Korea, where about 25 million residents and thousands of US troops are based, which is very short in the distance around 200 miles from the border.

The Kim Jong has already planned to launch missiles at Guam one of the territory of the USA with the possibility of the strike with top commanders.  The defense secretary of the United State James Mattis has issued a strong warning against this threat. He has said the US military would be able to determine within a moment whether the North Korea’s lunch was headed to the US territory or not. It has been the world’s political attention and fear among the people, whether the two supreme power are going to destroy the world.

2. The world oldest man died

The oldest man of the Guinness World records who was the Israeli Holocaust Survivor Israel Krital died at the age of 113 on Friday. He was born on September 15, 1903; it was just three months before the Wright brothers had successfully powered the airplane flight in the world. The Kristal, who was originally from Zarnow was now in Poland.

He was the survivor of the World War even around 1.1 million people perished during 940 to 945. He lost his wife and two children, but he remained alive.

3. Natural disaster hit Nepal once again.

The landslides and flooding due to heavy rain killed around 47 people in the eastern part of Nepal. According to the source. Thousands of people have been left behind the homeless and numerous are injured. The death toll was expected more than the numbers and around 31,00 families have been displaced by this natural disaster. Still the people of the eastern part of Nepal are living the life without the connection of power; no electricity, no telephone and no communication. The eastern city’s Airport, located in Biratnagar was closed after the runway was submerged more than two feet water. It is common during the summer times, but this year this disaster has suffered many people much more severely than previous years.