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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lessons learned from the mistakes

No one is flawless in this world and everyone makes a mistake, but the thing is we have to learn from what we screwed up or what went wrong in our effort. Human being makes a mistake by coincidence
Ghandruk Nepal, picture courtesy Google
or without any purpose to do that but if we keep focusing on our mistake we always learn the lessons for that what we made,

We can find the reason why that happened or how that came to our life. Careful analysis of the mistakes finds the weakness and shortcomings and let it improve in every day’s life. We have to take a caution in the future and more than that, avoid the reasons that caused it.

We can make a mistake, but correcting every day gives us the great enthusiasm and benefits of turning someone toward the perfectionist. We have to take it as a gift and guidance because we learn the lessons and shape our future. Embracing the shortcomings, failure and screwing up all help us to tackle the risk and make us better every day.

If we don't take a risk with the fear of making the mistake, then we don't have opportunities to correct us and to improve our weaknesses. Every successful peoples' history comes from the flawed and floundering. They worked hard to throw that hazard, they never paused and run away from that battle instead constantly stick with that and eventually made it happen to deserve what they wanted to have in life. We have to learn the lessons and move forward, but not in backward.